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Your home is your safe haven so designing it is a way to create a space of peace for you where you get to feel the most comfortable and where you spend a significant amount of time. As well, it is a place to externally present yourself to friends and family. How do you want each room to look? Would you like for each to match or to be separate individual spaces? Whatever you choose, She Shed Central provides you with so many options of decorating your space to your style with items such as furniture, decor, entertaining pieces, items for furry friends and bedding. 



The She Shed Central offers a variety of furniture such as bedroom items, buffets and side tables, office spaces essentials, entertainment centers pieces and so much more! Your furniture from space to space can blend or be completely different. You could choose the Plantation Bed for your bedroom and the Four Drawer Plantation Cabinet for your individual space to help in blending the rooms. Or you could choose to put them in the same room. The same goes for the Bermuda Coffee Table and the One Piece Bermuda Bookcase. They can both go into one into your personal space or one can put into the living room space and the other can go into the office. The amazing opportunity She Shed Central offers is beautiful pieces with options of blending or creating whatever dreamspace you prefer. 



The Decor in your home adds small but critical additions to the beauty of it. From lamps, to rugs, to throw pillows, to clocks and mirrors, all of these pieces add to your space and make it more intimately your own. For your kitchen, you can choose tablecloths, placemats or napkin holders to complete your dining room and kitchen spaces. Now, if you are a wine drinker with a rustic preference, one item to add to your home is the Wooden Crate Wine Rack because it can be left as is or redesigned. Whatever your taste, She Shed Central offers multiple decor options.



After our struggles with COVID-19 comes to an end, we will want to be entertaining. This will include enjoying meals, having wine parties, game nights and so much more. She Shed Central offers many products for these occasions. If you want a wine and cheese gathering, you utilize the Wood with Slate Board by Twine which has the option to write what cheese is on the board while using the Personalized White Wine Quartet. To help display the wine and cheese, you can employ the Wine Bar and Bistro Barrel Head Serving Tray. Finally, while sipping wine and nibbling on cheese, you can enjoy a fun game of darts with the Personalized Lake House Dartboard and Cabinet Set. Wine, cheese and darts can only end in fun!  


Our Furry Friends deserve a stylish bed within your space. The Thermo-Kitty Cabin provides three options for your cats sleeping situation whether it be through laying within it, laying on top of it or on one of the sides. With its sandy color, it can fit inside any room. Now, if you are looking for something that is unique and will stand out in every room, you could choose the Exotic Black/White & Black Shag Round Bed or the Hot Pink Rosebud Round Bed. At She Shed Central, whatever your preference, a comfortable bed for your cat or dog is essential for them to fit in and we offer it!      



Finally, our beds are the focal point of our bedrooms or personal space so our bedding helps to make it beautiful and comfortable. With this in mind, it is important to choose bedding which reflects you. If you prefer the classic bedding that can go with all colors, the Natasha Pearl White Set is perfect for you. Now, if the colors are a light blue or grey, the Sawyer Mill Quilt would be more ideal. If the bedroom has golden or red tones, the Ninepatch Star Black Burgundy Quilt Set would be better. All depending on your room and your style, She Shed Central can offer it to you.   

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