Personalize Your She Shed!

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She Sheds are often called Man Caves for women. The idea of She Shed is for you to have a space all to yourself where you can have tranquility and peace. The most important part of the shed is to personalize it to your tastes. Designing it to your style and for your purpose whether it be to entertain, for you and your pet to cuddle or for you to sit, read and decompress will give you what you need. She Shed Central offers many product options like items for entertaining, furniture, decor and bedding to choose from. Below are a few ideas for personalizing your She Shed: 


The first way to personalize your She Shed is by creating a reading room or a personal library. If you are a bookworm, your She Shed can be a place to fill your space with bookshelves and a comfy place to rest and read without the intrusions of life. You can choose one of the beautiful bookcases we offer like the Bay Street Bookcase with it’s spacious shelves, cabinets and its darker color. If you prefer a pristine white, the Classic Bookcase Wall Unit may be the preferable choice. Besides the bookcases, there are many other elements to consider including like a nice rug to compliment the room or a comfy bed for your pet to lounge with you like the Snow Leopard and Cream Shag Round Bed.    


The second way for your She Shed is to create a Meditation or Relaxation space. If you are looking for a space with the purpose of finding mental peace, a relaxation room can help. You can design the room to allow for you to unwind from the stresses of the day. The critical way to design your room for relaxation is to ask yourself, ‘what will allow me the ability to sit, breathe and relax?’ For example, you can put a bed in there to lay down or chairs with a table in the room to be able to sit.  Whatever you choose, make sure it gives you what you need!


The third option for the She Shed is designing a personal Office Space. Although the She Shed can be used for fun or relaxation, an additional purpose can be to create a space where your mental focus is on one task so the rest of your life has peace. Here at She Shed Central, we offer a variety of desks to do your work like the Computer Desk with Turned Legs with its red color and file drawer. As well, cabinets and bookcases are offered for books and files to be stacked on. Finally, decor like lamps and rugs to complete the room and tie everything together! 



The fourth way to personalize your She Shed is through creating a spare room or a bedroom away from everything to use for a stay-cation at home. You can choose the bed frame, the bedding, throw pillows and night stands. You can develop an entire room with the furniture and decor offered. For example, you can combine the Oglethorpe Bed with the matching Nightstand as well as the Aubree Parchment Quill and the Hello Adventure Throw Pillow. The bedroom should match a style where you will be comfortable getting away or allowing your guests to rest!



The final way you could personalize your She Shed is through making it into a place to entertain your friends. You can purchase many items for entertaining like personalized wine glasses, games, cutting boards and platters and trays. For example, you can serve your sangria in the Pearl Beverage Dispenser with Dipped Crystal Stemless Wine Glasses on the Cottage / Nautical Wooden Tray with Slatted Bottom and Rope Handles. The final peace for entertainment would be the Personalized Wood Design Cutting Board. Remember, how you design the room reflects your choices and desires. Here at She Shed Central, we work with your style for your space!


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