Gain Health Benefits from Your She Shed!

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A She Shed’s purpose is to provide you with a peaceful space to relax, decompress and let go of daily stress. Feeling stressed and overwhelmed is not good for your health so it is critical to manage it. Creating a space where you can relax and unwind will help you. The She Shed has so many health benefits whether it be physical or mental because it offers a person the chance of a completely personal space where no one has a say but you! You choose the furniture, the decor and who is welcome to come and enjoy your space. Below are five health benefits to the She Shed: 


First, the She Shed can help in supporting your physical health. One example is through lowering your stress which can result in a healthier body. Stress is normal and for short periods of time is fine for your physical body but consistently being stressed is very unhealthy. For example, if stress goes unmanaged, the results on the body can be headaches, fatigue, stomach aches, sleep problems, anxiety and so much more. Having a place to relax and breathe can help with managing stress and result in your body feeling less of the effects.   



A second benefit to the She Shed is a place where you can enjoy a glass of wine and relax either on your own or with your friends. One delicious glass of red or white wine can help in your relaxation. As well, having a personalized wine decanter with wine glasses to allow for the wine to breathe and for you to better unwind and enjoy the amazing taste. Taking a moment to exist in a space belonging to you, created by you, enjoying a glass of wine to de-stress on your own or with your friends can be beneficial to your physical and mental health.    

The third benefit to the She Shed is it can become your personal Office Space away from everyone. With COVID-19 keeping us working from home, a She Shed can help you become more productive because it keeps you away from your home to do your work. It also helps with creating a distinction between home and work which will benefit your mental health and allow you to delegate work accordingly. The other best part of it is your office will be to your exact design rather than a generic office space. You can choose a Plantation Computer Desk or Pedestal Desk to do your work and choose a beautiful lamp or soft throw pillow to complete it, whatever you want to make this space your own!

The fourth benefit of the She Shed can be used as a space for meditation or to practice mindfulness. Both of these practices provide mental clarity, mental peace and are great tools for helping your mental health. Having a space where you can quiet your mind helps with conducting these practices. The She Shed can be decorated to your taste so you can find the peace needed to meditate. You can purchase one of the rugs to sit on while you meditate or one of the chairs for your mindfulness practice. The She Shed can be whatever will help you in your personal journey.  

The final benefit of the She Shed is it can help you maintain healthy relationships with boundaries as it provides you with time on your own. Creating a space to your specific tastes which belongs solely to you can help you feel ownership of your life and feel more easily able to handle relationships. Designing the space and choosing the furniture, the decor, the bedding and items to entertain both yourself and guests will add to the creation of the space. Our lives are full of responsibility and important relationships so it is critical to make the time for you to find peace. The She Shed provides this opportunity!    

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