Finding the Right She Shed Decor

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The She Shed is your personal space to create and develop to your tastes. Furniture is the big pieces within the space but the decor completes the space and adds small flares. The purpose of the decor is to go back to the originally decided goal of the space so once you have chosen the purpose of the room, the next step is to pick out the decor. Your decor can range from items in lamps, rugs, throw pillows, clocks and mirrors and so much more. You can choose from room to room, bedroom to kitchen to bathroom. Below are choices for decor to put into your She Shed: 


Here at She Shed Central, we offer many items for your decor, specifically for the bedroom and bathroom. Bedrooms and bathrooms are private spaces and the decor for these spaces speaks to this vulnerability and gives you an opportunity to choose pieces which either calm this vulnerability or bring it out. Some of the items offered for it are personalized canvases, bath curtains, personalized pillowcases, coat racks, bedding and beds for your pet. The Everlasting Love Tree Carving Canvas allows for you to put a personal touch onto your decor creating a deeper connection with your She Shed. You can also create a Personalized Couples Love Pillowcase Set where you can put you and your significant others names on each pillow. 

An additional decor for your bedroom is your bedding. They keep you warm, comfortable and help to enhance the beauty of your room. There is the Rory Quilt which has more dark grey and orange while the Ashmont Quilt has more white and light greys. Your She Shed is an opportunity to express yourself so choosing one can help to bring out your personality, it can amplify the decorations and add to the overall experience of the room.   
Your pet’s bed can also be a way to upgrade the experience of your room as well as bring your pet comfort. For the pet beds, there are a variety of colors and shapes so they can be matched to your style and become part of the decor. For example, the Chocolate and Beige Rosebed Round Bed can be one choice with it’s light, neutral color while the Light Grey Rosebed Bagel Bed can be tailored more to your room’s color.  

Another aspect of the decor is the clocks and mirrors within your home. Mirrors can show your face and pieces of nature like trees, bears, pine cones and branches. One example would be the Kodiak / Stain 24 x 30 Deer and Tree Mirror which would reflect your face and carries both trees and a deer. With regards to the clock, they can show time as well as be shaped into something fun like a star or compass. The 24” Round Wall Clock with Etched Nautical Compass carries the design of a compass with the components of time.  


Decor enhances and completes the room. If you are looking to design your She Shed for entertaining, having components of a kitchen like tablecloths, placemats, wine box, dish towels and napkin holders. These elements of the kitchen decor can help when entertaining as they can draw the eye of guests. Where the wine glasses, platters of food and games are the focal points, the components of the kitchen facilitate the beauty of these points. Everything can work together to beautify the space. The Burlap Natural Table Topper and the Iron Paper Napkin Holder could help bring out the beauty of the Wooden Tray with Bear Bottom and Wood Handles. All of the pieces work together and create a nice setting for the guests.  


The final consideration for decor includes lamps, rugs and throw pillows which can complete the furniture or work in irony with it. Whatever your preferred style, we have pieces to build on it. For lamps, we offer different kinds like sconce lights, table lamps like the Firebrick Large Handle Pitcher and floor lamps like the Wire Floor Lamp. For rugs, there are different designs like the Antique Red Star Rug but none of them can be personalized. For the throw pillows, they can be personalized or you can choose either patriotic, encouraging or family loving types. Some examples of how you can personalize your throw pillows is through the Modern Farmhouse Throw Pillow or the Mr. & Mrs. Wedding Ring Throw Pillow.  


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